srsLTE for Research

University studies and published research involving srsLTE

Install the latest srsLTE release for Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:srslte/releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install srslte -y

An Open Software-Defined-Radio Platform for LTE-V2X And Beyond

SteaLTE: Private 5G Cellular Connectivity as aService with Full-stack Wireless Steganography

LokaLTE: 600 MHz Community LTE Networks for Rural Areas in the Philippines

Experimental Evaluation of Power Consumption in Virtualized Base Stations

PHOENIX: Device-Centric Cellular Network Protocol Monitoring using Runtime Verification

LTE Monitoring

Keep Private Networks Private: Secure Channel-PUFs, and Physical Layer Security by Linear Regression Enhanced Channel Profiles

State of Energy Prediction in Renewable Energy-driven Mobile Edge Computing using CNN-LSTM Networks

A Multi-Armed Bandit-based Approach to Mobile Network Provider Selection

Intelligence and Learning in O-RAN for Data-driven NextG Cellular Networks

Augmented Wi-Fi: An AI-based Wi-Fi Management Framework for Wi-Fi/LTE Coexistence

On the Effectiveness of Time Travel to Inject COVID-19 Alerts

UHD-DPDK Performance Analysis for Advanced Software Radio Communications

DNS Does Not Suffice for MEC-CDN

Cooperative Cognitive Network Slicing Virtualization for Smart IoT Applications

SkyCell: A Prototyping Platform for 5G Ariel Base Stations

Radio and Baseband Unit Virtualization: Pushing the Boundaries of Future Mobile Networks

Virtual Radio Access Network Control (Patent Application)

Pretty Good Phone Privacy

Punched Cards over the Air: Cross-Technology Communication Between LTE-U/LAA and WiFi

Knowledge-Assisted Deep Reinforcement Learning in 5G Scheduler Design: From Theoretical Framework to Implementation

The Diverse and Variegated Reactions of Different Cellular Devices to IMSI Catching Attacks

LACO: A Latency-Driven Network Slicing Orchestration in Beyond-5G Networks

Bringing 4G LTE closer to students: A low-cost testbed for practical teaching and experimentation

Enabling Autonomous and Connected Vehicles at the 5G Network Edge

Adaptive CNN-based Private LTE Solution for Fair Coexistence with Wi-Fi in Unlicensed Spectrum

Leveraging Ambient LTE Traffic for Ubiquitous Passive Communication

End-to-end Network Slicing for 5G in Multi-Region, Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform

Single Frequency Networks for 5G Broadcast: a Software Defined Radio Experiment

ACHO: A Framework for Flexible Re-Orchestration of Virtual Network Functions

Performance Analysis of Mobile Network Software Testbed

A Cloud-based SDN/NFV Testbed for End-to-End Network Slicing in 4G/5G

Robust, Resilient Networked Communication in Challenged Environments

Open, Programmable, and Virtualized 5G Networks: State-of-the-Art and the Road Ahead

Software Radios for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Public Safety Communications Research Division Impact Report: Fiscal Years 2017–2019

SARDO: An Automated Search-and-Rescue Drone-based Solution for Victims Localization

Protecting the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols against Security and Privacy Attacks - Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Experimenting with open source tools to deploy a multi-service and multi-slice mobile network

Dynamic and Collaborative Spectrum Sharing: The SCATTER Approach

Processing Time Aware Resource Allocation in Software Defined RANs

OfdmFi: Enabling Cross-Technology Communication Between LTE-U/LAA and WiFi

Direct Air to Ground Communications for Flying Vehicles: Measurement and Scaling Study for 5G

Toward Large-Scale Rogue Base Station Attacks Using Container-Based Virtualization

Anatomy of Commercial IMSI Catchers and Detectors

Classification of Mobile Services and Apps through Physical Channel Fingerprinting: a Deep Learning Approach

Design and experimental validation of a software-defined radio access network testbed with slicing support

LTE is Vulnerable: Implementing Identity Spoofing and Denial-of-Service Attacks in LTE Networks

SWORD: Towards a Soft and Open Radio Design for Rapid Development, Profiling, Validation and Testing

Hiding in Plain Signal: Physical Signal Overshadowing Attack on LTE

Physical Layer Security for IIoT and CPPS: A Cellular-Network Security Approach

FUTEBOL-Orchestrated Optical/Wireless Experiments Across Brazil and Europe

LTE Phone Number Catcher: A Practical Attack against Mobile Privacy,Security and Communication Networks

openLEON: An end-to-end emulation platform from the edge data center to the mobile user

Reliable Software-Defined RAN Network Slicing for Mission-Critical 5G Communication Networks

A Measurement Study on Edge Computing for Autonomous UAVs

Robust Cellular Communications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Maritime Search and Rescue

FALCON: An accurate real-time monitor for client-based mobile network data analytics

Evaluation of Cellular Technologies for High Data Rate WAIC Applications

A Framework for RAN Performance Evaluations based on Software Defined Radio

LTE/Wi-Fi Coordination in Unlicensed Bands: An SD-RAN Approach

This is Your President Speaking: Spoofing Alerts in 4G LTE Networks

Physical Layer Security for IIoT and CPPS: A Cellular-Network Security Approach

CSAI: Open-Source Cellular Radio Access Network Security Analysis Instrument

LTE Security Disabled—Misconfiguration in Commercial Networks

Lost Traffic Encryption: Fingerprinting LTE/4G Traffic on Layer Two

New vulnerabilities in 4G and 5G cellular access network protocols: exposing device capabilities

Insecure Connection Bootstrapping in Cellular Networks: The Root of All Evil

Design and Experimental Validation of a Software-Defined Radio Access Network Testbed with Slicing Support

The current state of affairs in 5G security and the main remaining security challenges

5G-EmPOWER: A Software-Defined Networking Platform for 5G Radio Access Networks

Null-While-Talk: Interference Nulling for Improved Inter-Technology Coexistence in LTE-U and WiFi Networks

SDRBench: A Software-Defined Radio Access Network Controller Benchmark

Performance Assessment of Smart Meter Traffic over LTE Network Using SDR Testbed

Towards Resilient 5G: Lessons Learned from Experimental Evaluations of LTE Uplink Jamming

Enhancing the Coexistence of LTE and Wi-Fi in Unlicensed Spectrum Through Convolutional Neural Networks

When optical networks meet wireless systems: experiments at the boundary.

Privacy attacks to the 4g and 5g cellular paging protocols using side channel information

Cellular access multi-tenancy through small-cell virtualization and common rf front-end sharing

Machine learning based uplink transmission power prediction for lte and upcoming 5g networks using passive downlink indicators

User-targeted denial-of-service attacks in lte mobile networks

Guti reallocation demystified: Cellular location tracking with changing temporary identifier

Learning from errors: Detecting cross-technology interference in wifi networks

Practical distributed MIMO for WiFi and LTE

Lasr: A supple multi-connectivity scheduler for multi-rat ofdma systems

Despliegue de un prototipo de red 4g-lte con openairinterface para entorno didáctico

Maximizing the utility of radio networks through sharing mechanisms

A practical approach to cellular communications standards education

Monitorización y estudio de redes celulares en explotación a través de dispositivos usrp

5g-cornet: Platform as a service

lightmec: A vendor-agnostic platform for multi-access edge computing

Identifying 5g system enhancements: Enabling technologies for multi-service networks

Touching the untouchables: Dynamic security analysis of the lte control plane

Virtualization approach for machine-type communications in multi-rat environment

Mobilestream: a scalable, programmable and evolvable mobile core control plane platform

A framework for intelligent spectrum sharing

Emulation-instrumented fuzz testing of 4g/lte android mobile devices guided by reinforcement learning

Lteinspector: A systematic approach for adversarial testing of 4g lte

Investigation of lte privacy attacks by exploiting the paging mechanism

On practical coexistence gaps in space for lte-u/wifi coexistence

Will sdn be part of 5g? IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 2018

Creating tailored and adaptive network services with the open orchestration c-ran framework

Xzero: On practical cross-technology interference-nulling for lte-u/wifi coexistence

Software-based implementation of lte/wi-fi aggregation and its impact on higher layer protocols

On the impact of rogue base stations in 4g/lte self organizing networks

Enabling cross-technology communication between lte unlicensed and wifi

Data-driven evaluation of anticipatory networking in lte networks

E-fi: Evasive wi-fi measures for surviving lte within 5ghz unlicensed band

tinylte: Lightweight, ad-hoc deployable cellular network for vehicular communication

Chorus: truly distributed distributed-mimo

Latency-optimized edge computing in Fifth Generation (5G) cellular networks

Radio hardware virtualization for coping with dynamic heterogeneous wireless environments

Optical and wireless network convergence in 5g systems--an experimental approach

Evaluating tcms train-to-ground communication performances based on the lte technology and discreet event simulations

A software radio challenge accelerating education and innovation in wireless communications

Tcp performance analysis for lte and lte/wlan aggregation

openleon: An end-to-end emulator from the edge data center to the mobile users

Clone: An ndn architecture for content distribution at remote tourist sites-a tcp/ip and ndn comparison

Posens: A practical open source solution for end-to-end network slicing

Dynamic allocation of processing resources in cloud-ran for a virtualised 5g mobile network

Rfi mitigation through prediction and avoidance

Experiment: Investigating feasibility of coexistence of lte-u with a rotating radar in cbrs bands

Cross-technology interference nulling for improved lte-u/wifi coexistence

Experience building a prototype 5g testbed

Experimental analysis of subscribers' privacy exposure by lte paging

Study of ran slicing using srs lte in a real sdn-nfv platform

Pmse-xg—5g for programme making and special events

Diy model for mobile network deployment: A step towards 5g for all

Experimental demonstration of sdn-controlled variable-rate fronthaul for converged lte-over-pon

Performance assessment of open software platforms for 5g prototyping

Demo abstract: Practical cross-technology radio resource management between lte-u and wifi

Fine-grained lte radio link estimation for mobile phones

A spectrum sharing framework for intelligent next generation wireless networks

Integrating research testbeds into social coding platforms

Lightmano: Converging nfv and sdn at the edges of the network

基于开源 sdr 的 lte 系统对比研究与实现

Design and validation of a multi-service 5g network with qoe-aware orchestration

Enabling a win-win coexistence mechanism for wifi and lte in unlicensed bands

Fair coexistence of scheduled and random access wireless networks: Unlicensed lte/wifi

Ltfi: Cross-technology communication for rrm between lte-u and ieee 802


Tools and Techniques for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Coexistence

Sdr-based experiments for lte-laa based coexistence systems with improved design

Location disclosure in lte networks by using imsi catcher

Radio access network slicing based on c/u plane separation

Error-based interference detection in wifi networks

cnicloud: Querying the cellular network information at scale

Discover your competition in lte: Client-based passive data rate prediction by machine learning

Teaching telecommunication standards: Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Lte/wifi aggregation implementation and evaluation

Poster: A new scalable, programmable and evolvable mobile control plane platform

D2D Communication in 5G Cellular Networks on Software Defined Radios

Functional verification and performance testing for openairinterface (oai) enodeb

Characterizing the impact of interference through spectral analysis on commercial 802


The first experimental sdr platform for inband d2d communications in 5g

Dynamic energy savings in cloud-ran: An experimental assessment and implementation

Lte spectrum sharing research testbed: Integrated hardware, software, network and data

Software defined radio testbed setup and experimentation

Measuring lte and wifi coexistence in unlicensed spectrum

Experimental assessment of private information disclosure in lte mobile networks

Dynamic virtual resource allocation in virtualized multi-rat cellular networks

Easy 4g/lte imsi catchers for non-programmers

Flexible c-ran: Radio technology for 5g

New lte scheduling heuristics for co-existence with wifi

Performance analysis of a mission-critical portable lte system in targeted rf interference

Implementing nb-iot in software-experiences using the srslte library

Performing a practical paging attack on the lte network

Performance analysis and comparison of gpp-based sdr systems

Monroe-sophia—a software radio platform for mobile network measurement

Packetized-lte physical layer framework for coexistence experiments

On low-cost privacy exposure attacks in lte mobile communication

Open orchestration cloud radio access network (oocran) testbed

Lte phy layer vulnerability analysis and testing using open-source sdr tools

Performnetworks: a testbed for exhaustive interoperability and performance analysis for mobile networks

Software-defined lte evolution testbed enabling rapid prototyping and controlled experimentation

Some key challenges in securing 5g wireless networks

Introducing mobile network security experiments to communication technology education

Radio hardware virtualization for coping with dynamic heterogeneous wireless environments

Prototype implementation of a 5g group-based authentication and key agreement protocol

How to not break lte crypto

Q4health: Quality of service and prioritisation for emergency services in the lte ran stack

Evaluación de una estación base lte basado en software

Software defined radio implementation of a non-orthogonal multiple access system towards 5g


Lte security, protocol exploits and location tracking experimentation with low-cost software radio

Lte/wi-fi co-existence under scrutiny: an empirical study

Performance study of lte experimental testbed using openairinterface

Lte/lte-a jamming, spoofing, and sniffing: threat assessment and mitigation

The empower mobile network operating system

Development of an orchestrator layer for a wireless cloud


Lte security and protocol exploits

Cognitive medical wireless testbed system (comwits)

srslte: an open-source platform for lte evolution and experimentation

Owl: A reliable online watcher for lte control channel measurements

Challenges on the validation of d2d communications: Availability of open-source tools

Lte-enhanced cognitive radio network testbed (lte-cornet)

Method and device for data transmission, September 22 2015

Base station and communication method, March 31 2015

Implementació d’una estació base lte (down-link)

Practical attacks against privacy and availability in 4g/lte mobile communication systems